Elenco Detectolab Science Kit

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Become an amateur detective and use this kit to begin solving mysteries using good science techniques. This kit includes everything you need to get started: test tube rack, plastic test tubes, test tube stopper, test tube holder, handheld 30X microscope (uses 2 AA batteries, not included), blank slides, cipher key, identity kit, fingerprint record cards, fingerprint powder, stamp pad, sticky labels, green felt-tip pen, direction finder card, eye dropper, compass, filter paper, funnel, measuring spoon, sea shore sand, sandpaper, paper fastener, steel wool, and mirrors. Use these supplies to do the 67 activities found in the accompanying guide. You will print and compare fingerprints, prepare an identity kit, analyze inks, use the cipher key to decode secret messages, and much more. Detectolab is a fun way to hone your sleuthing skills! Ages 9+

  • The kit contains over 65 activities with fingerprints, chromatography, cipher codes, identity detection and more.
  • Kit includes 30X microscope and necessary lab equipment.
  • Ages 9+




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